The quality

Quality OrganiZation
KUHN's mission is to grow profitably by designing, manufacturing and marketing tailored and efficient products and services for global agriculture.
All our actions are aimed to providing our customers quality products and quality services that allow them to optimize their return on investment. The quality of products is a necessary condition to the success of our mission. It requires close collaboration and mutual commitment between the supplier and KUHN. Quality management is based on internal quality control and supplier quality assurance. The internal quality control is based on experienced men and powerful means.


For example :
  • Material analysis
  • Three-dimensional tests

Supplier Quality Assurance aims to understand quality issues at the earliest in the supply chain in collaboration with the supplier, the purchasing department and the design office.
The approach is built around different actions:

Supplier Quality Assurance is an important component of the purchasing policy. Its objectives are:

Our Quality Assurance aims to ensure the highest standards of quality and logistics. Only those suppliers capable of reaching these standards are allowed to join our supplier base. This supplier base is thus capable of meeting strict delivery times and delivering parts which conform to the standards outlined in the A-B-C classification system.

Using this classification:

Each supplier is listed in a class according to his mark A,B or C and to his turnover with KUHN. Each class conveys the expectations of the KUHN group as regards the performance of the suppliers.

With the mark A the suppliers proves his ability to respect a level of quality and service that meets our requirements. The suppliers is in a position to be favoured if there is an increase in business and to take part in the development of new products..
The supplier has obtained the mark B subject to improvement. We ask him to correct his actions in order to progress in the short term towards the "Privileged" class.
The mark C expresses an insufficient performance that disrupts our production. The suppliers has to consider a plan of improvement in order to avoid an exclusion from the panel.

This supplier realizes a small turnover that can progress insofar as he reaches the mark A.