Our Requirements

Our purchasing policy
The goal of the purchasing policy is to acquire at the lowest cost, goods and services that meet KUHN Group’s requirements and guarantee our customers satisfaction.

This mission is shared by all companies of the group, each of them having its own Purchasing Department. It is supported by an organization that aims to promote the use of synergies, to combine purchasing projects, to consolidate and improve the efficiency of the purchasing process, and to use identical tools and practices.

Among the major projects of the policy are the creation and the management of a selected suppliers group, which enables a relationship based on sustainable mutual trust and strong commitment.
This commitment aims to integrate suppliers as early as the design phase in order to develop product and process quality assurance, and to use all means possible to reduce costs and thus preserve our competitiveness.

The Purchasing Policy requires suppliers to sign the KUHN Supplier Partnership Agreement  , NDA and anti-corruption clause.

By agreeing to this policy, the supplier commits itself:

• To the Kuhn Group’s Terms and Conditions
• To respect the confidentiality of information and documents entrusted to you.
• To follow our quality requirements and to set up a process of continuous improvement. (Refer to the heading The Quality)

Our purchasing policy relies on up-to-date technology, in particular, a secured Internet platform, which enables us to formalize most of our information and communication between our companies. With your access to the KUHN Supplier Access, we have made it easier for you to maintain accurate information about your company.

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Supplier partnership agreement
The Supplier Partnership Agreement formalizes KUHN's commitments to its suppliers and subcontractors and encourages them to adhere to the principles it promotes. Buyers ensure that it is distributed and check its understanding and application.

 Supplier partnership agreement FR-EN (PDF)
 Supplier partnership agreement BR-EN (PDF)
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Non-disclosure agreement
The Non-disclosure Agreement is a contract by which KUHN asks its suppliers and subcontractors, at the beginning of a commercial relationship, to keep a certain number of important information, plans, specifications, strictly confidential.

 Non-disclosure agreement FR-EN (PDF)
 Non-disclosure agreement BR-EN (PDF)
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Anti-corruption CLAUSE
The Contract Partner and its Associated Persons are responsible for compliance with all applicable legislation, including applicable anti-corruption and criminal laws and the principles and regulations of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials international commercial transactions of December 17, 1997, and his successive amendments.

 Anti-corruption clause FR-EN (PDF)
 Anti-corruption clause BR-EN (PDF)